Kneeland webinars are here to help

We know you're working every day to out-think and out-hustle your competition. It's the time to innovate, and better understand the new content consumption environment. Kneeland webinars are here to help.

Kneeland webinars squeeze into to your hectic schedule and tackle issues that will help you not only survive - but thrive - in today's constantly changing environment. These one-hour webinars build on the lessons learned from the past decade of winning Kneeland training and allow you to open up the Kneeland experience to even more of your top managers. You will learn from the best and brightest both inside and outside of the broadcasting world, address topics that are top-of-mind, and walk away with concrete action items that will help you and your team transform your newsroom immediately.

Kneeland webinars are both cost-effective and an excellent use of your time. You'll be able to ask questions, gain insight, and share ideas with your peers across the country so that you can better lead the changes facing your station.

So, gather your top news managers and send an invitation to your creative services and sales teams. These webinars are a perfect time to share some new ideas with all of your senior managers who are responsible for direct production, marketing and sales for news and local programming content.

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