“Stuck in a career rut? Maybe you're itching to broaden your skills and take on new challenges. Or perhaps you're eyeing a management role a level or two up. So how do you grow and advance professionally? The key is effective mentoring--and it's up to you to go get it. Done right, mentoring is one of the most powerful, efficient ways to learn. But to reap those rewards, you need to pursue them with rigor and commitment.” – Harvard Business Review

It’s no secret that Kneeland Fellows are some of the best and brightest journalists working in the business today. Our 500+ Fellows are smart news executives who are leading outstanding newsrooms in every corner of America. They are busy and capable leaders who give more than they take and are relied on more than they rely on others.

KneelandMentors is an innovative new program from The Kneeland Project. Connecting Fellows with other Fellows, these award-winning news directors will mentor each other through the many challenges they face both personally and professionally. The Kneeland Project’s mentors are interested in both learning and teaching; asking for advice and giving it; sharing and listening. Boiled down, participants will help each other navigate the changing nature of our business.

Finding colleagues around the country who share the same values, challenges and high ethical standards are key components of The Kneeland Project, and KneelandMentors extends those relationships beyond our conference walls.

KneelandMentors are paired twice a year. The first deadline for participating is May 1st and the second is November 1st.

Interested in participating?

If you’re a Kneeland Fellow and would like to learn more, please fill out this Mentor Application and begin the process of connecting today.