For more than a decade, The Kneeland Project has trained local news directors in all fifty states, providing real-world hands-on training to the to journalists on the front lines of local television news. We change lives and we improve the quality of local news gathering, one news director at a time.

"Simply put, it's the best conference I've ever attended. The intensity and focus are incredible.
- Matt Brown, News Director

Yet, each year, we have to turn many journalists away because we simply do not have enough funding. Additionally, news directors who attend the program often ask us to help them share the lessons learned at Kneeland with their newsrooms.

KNEELAND2GO is an answer to those challenges. We have created high quality training videos that you can share with your newsrooms during weekly meetings or brownbag lunches. Now you can "take Kneeland home" with you to share, refresh and revitalize.

Our Fellows have told us that this project will make a difference. In a recent online survey, 100% of our participating Fellows told us that they shared Kneeland's lessons with their staffs when they returned to their newsroom after the conference. And, in a nod to the potential power of Kneeland2Go, 100% of them told us that they would use modules like these in their newsrooms. We want to take these lessons far beyond the four walls at Kneeland.

"The Kneeland Project not only prepares you to be a better news director, but also gives you the plan to make it happen."
-- Bryan McGruder, Kansas City

Kneeland2GO Video Library